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VERITY is certainly a portuguese brand

VERITY is a Portuguese ceramic brand from Batalha, born of the partnership of two people with a great passion for ceramics. Although with very different paths there is a interconnection  between long years of technical and procedural knowledge and the industrial with industrial and product design knowledge, as well as an enormous taste for the history and tradition of Portuguese products and symbology.


Our collections are inspired by the symbiosis between simple and linear shapes of modern design and the beauty of traditional Portuguese patterns and forms. In this way we create unique pieces that express the Portuguese tradition in a timeless way, able to relate to the most diverse tables and environments in which they are inserted.


Our ideology goes through eco conscious production, efficiency and durability. The many years of work give us the “know-how” to understand the entire process of ceramics, such as the raw material behavior, cooking and glazing. Alongside this, all the pieces are produced and finished individually by our hands, according to a great demand and attention to every detail from the beginning of creation until they are ready to be delivered.


Our pieces bring history with them and pretend to be part of the history and happy moments of our customers!

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