Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

For VERITY – Portuguese Ceramic, Lda. Customer privacy represents a very important value. Our privacy policy highlights the care we take with the treatment of data provided by our customers, which is based on respect and confidentiality. As such, we advise the user to read our privacy policy before browsing our website and to make their data available in order to ensure that all good data protection practices are complied with.

VERITY – Portuguese Ceramic, Lda., Company with taxpayer number 515288926 comes by this privacy policy to disclose to users of the website the way it uses the data provided. VERITY – Portuguese Ceramic, Lda. declares that it is the only entity responsible for processing the data provided, and this process is in compliance with the provisions of the national legislation in force in this matter and the General Regulation on Data Protection – Regulation EU No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April 2016.

With a focus on the best user experience and as a guarantee of transparency for online transactions, VERITY – Portuguese Ceramic, Lda. Requests the availability of a set of personal data. The data is treated by us carefully and stored in the database. The information provided by users is used to process orders, and can also be used to carry out promotional or advertising campaigns with our customers, the data being kept only for these purposes. The data collected by VERITY – Portuguese Ceramic, Lda. Are the name, e-mail address, addresses, telephone number, credit card number or other payment method available for the sale of products through the website. The identified data is decisive for the product sales process, so the failure of any of the above items to be made available by our customers results in the impediment of any purchase order for products on our website.

Your personal data may be disclosed to singular or collective entities to:

• provision of electronic payment services, via credit / debit cards;

• process product sales;

• choose, package and dispatch products;

• solve problems related to the sale of products;

• receive payments for the purchase of products;

• in the context of marketing campaigns involving duly identified partners where you have given us your consent;

• process customer product returns;

In addition, your personal data may be communicated to the judicial, tax and regulatory authorities in order to comply with legal obligations and at the express request of those authorities.

Apart from these exceptions, your data will not be disclosed to third parties, demonstrating the responsibility of our company with the treatment of your personal information. In no case will your data be required or will your data be processed for purposes other than those mentioned above.

The user can exercise the rights of access, rectification, opposition, limitation, forgetfulness, complaint and portability by sending an email to indicating its purpose.

VERITY – Portuguese Ceramic, Lda. has the information provided by customers through this website as true and operates accordingly. The company is oblivious to the information made available by minors under the age of 18, that is, it does not accept or process data from people in this situation. If there is a situation in which data is entered by persons under 18 years of age, it will be promptly eliminated. The use of third party data is the sole responsibility of the person who inserts such data on the website. The consent, whether or not of third parties, is the responsibility of the person who associates the data on our website.

Finally, it is informed that the processed data is kept under maximum security by means of computer data protection tools. That said, it is known that in the computer environment no data transmission is totally secure, so we ask for special care for the information provided by you through digital channels, especially by e-mail. You are also asked to pay attention to the use of protection systems when accessing our website, namely, antivirus, firewall, anti-spam filters, among others.

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